Here are a few videos we've prepared that introduce you to the Learning Coach ‍‍‍Program as well as explaining how it operates. In addition, if you have a few moments, click here to read about the experiences of one of our clients.

Learning Coach P‍‍‍rogram Overview

A behind-the-scenes look at our program

820 Woodroffe Ave.,

Ottawa, ON, K‍‍‍2A 3V7

Step by Step into the Future

Our program has he‍‍‍lped many clients

‍‍‍Questions or Comments?

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Our Pro‍‍‍gram Resources

We offer lots of resoures to our clients

Looking Back to See Ahead

‍‍‍ A short history of our program

BHC Welcomes the World

Three Learning Coach Clients describe the problems they faced and the successes they achieved after immigrating to Canada.

Our Clients Have Their Say

‍‍‍A candid view of the Learning Coach Program

Major Verhey, BHC's Chaplain

A personal view of ser‍‍‍‍‍‍vice

Here's Our Video Library

(Together, they tell our story.)






A Super Quick Explanation

In about 90 seconds, this little video will explain to you the main features of the Learning Coach Program. Take a look.