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A Partial List of the Topics Covered on this Web Site

Computers and the software needed to run them can be very expensive. However, there is a better, less costly alternative. The RCTech OUTREACH programprovides low income individuals with affordable ownership of quality renewed computers, ready to use software & learning modules all in one package. Check here to see how you can get a computer while saving money at the same time.

Do You Need a Computer?

Are you a young parent looking for a job?  If so, you know how challenging that can be. To help you get your search started, we've put together a list of web sites that focus on available jobs. Check the web sites shown here because most of them focus on jobs for young people.

Are You Looking for a Job?

There are 24 publicly financed colleges in Ontario. You're sure to find one that offers the course you'd like to take as well as being conveniently located near to you. In addition, by clicking here, you'll find helpful ways to finance your college education.

Are You Ready to Enrol in College?

A resume is a document you create to present your background, skills, and accomplishments. Although resumes have a number of different uses,  most often they are used when looking for a job. A typical resume will contain a summary of your past job experience and along with an explanation of your level education. Click here for help preparing your resume.

Do You Need Help Preparing a Resume?

A job interview is a conversation that takes place between a job applicant and a prospective employer which to find out whether the person applying for the job should be hired. Although they can be stressful for applicants, job interviews are widely used by employers to help them decide which person to hire for a job. Click here to read a few tips on how to prepare yourself for a job interview.

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Stress is a part of everyday life. It can be a motivator to get us moving on jobs that need to be done. However, especially if it's long-term or ongoing, it can also undermine a person's mental or physical health. To help prevent that from happening, Bethany offers a number of parental support services. Click here to see what counselling and support services Bethany provides.

If it's your course work that is causing you stress, we'll do our best to help you. Here are a few suggestions for you consult: Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you need help with your course work? Do you need childcare? Need to clear your head? Looking to get back to school?

Are You Under Stress or Concerned about your Course?


Saving money at the best of times can be a real challenge but when money is tight it can seem downright impossible. Happily though, at least in this one area, the Government of Canada wants to help you save money for your child's future education. Check here to see how.

Wondering How to Save Money for your Child's Education?

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If you're looking for legal advice or information but you can't afford a lawyer, check these sites. They may be able to provide you with the help you need.

Do You Need Legal Assistance?


In addition to the wide variety of programs which are offered at the Bethany Hope Centre, a Bursary Fund has been established as an extension of the Learning Coach Program. This Bursary Program aims to help young parents pursuing higher education by reducing financial barriers.

Check here to learn all about this financial support program and for the application form.

Do You Need Financial Help to Continue with your Education?