Our PLAR program is based on a successful partnership between the Bethany Hope Centre and the Ottawa Carleton District School Board‍‍‍’s Continuing Education program.  Through Continuing Education, we are able to offer the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Program (PLAR) and a variety of other education opportunities, including Co-operative Educatio‍‍‍n‍‍‍ and the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course.

Students involved in this program have the opportunity to connect with Ann Tompkins of Continuing Education.  Ann’s upbeat attitude and forward-thinking advice has won her the respect of our students, and her visits have quickly become a regular event.

Ann has been helping students plan their future.

Ann not only assesses the PLAR applications, she also works one-on-one, learning about each student’s academic and professional goals. This makes the end result of PLAR great for everyone, especially the students. They are able to walk away with a heavier transcript, chalked up with courses that will work in their favour when they apply for that long-sought college program.

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The Continuing Education Department of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board‍‍‍ offers a very valuable program to Learning Coach Clients who qualify. Called "Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition" (PLAR), this is a formal evaluation and credit granting process whereby mature students may obtain credits for prior learning. Prior learning‍‍‍

‍‍‍includes the knowledge and skills that students have acquired, in both formal and informal ways, outside seconda‍‍‍ry school. Students may have their knowledge and skills evaluated against the expectations outlined in provincial curriculum policy documents in order to earn credits towards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.‍‍‍

‍‍‍What i‍‍‍s‍‍‍ PLAR?

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