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By telephone: 613-799-2668 or 613-725-1733 ext. 208 By text message: 613-799-2668 By email: lc@bethanyhopecentre.ca By postal mail: Learning Coach 820 Woodroffe Ave., Ottawa, ON,  K2A 3V7


Take a look at our latest video

In this two minute video, two Bethany Hope Centre participants explain how they benefited from participating in the Learning Coach Program and other BHC programs.


We've updated all our computers in the Owl's Perch

The next time you come to the Owl's Perch, you'll enjoy using our newly updated computers. Large, bright monitors connected to speedy processors will make using them a very pleasant experience for you. Drop in and try them out for yourself.

Although the current coronavirus pandemic has prevented us from running our regular program, we still continue to plan and prepare. The monthly news video presented below shows what we hoped would take place. Even though things have not turned out that way, hopefully, it won't be too much longer until everything is back to normal.