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Helpful Information

Many of the courses we offer to clients come from the Independent Learning Centre in Toronto. The Independent Learning Centre (ILC) is mandated by the government of Ontario as the province's designated provider of distance education and GED® Testing.

The ILC offers Ontario credit courses in English and French for Grades 9 to 12, as well as the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) and the GED® Testing Program.

ILC Mandate and Origins
An educational success since 1926, the ILC fulfils a special role in Ontario's educational system using a unique approach to delivering accredited distance education. Each year the ILC provides credit and non-credit courses, awards OSSD diplomas, and gives adults the option of attaining the GED High School Equivalency Certificate.The ILC works with educational, social, labour, and employer organizations around Ontario and across Canada.

Ontario's Largest High School
ILC is the largest high school in Ontario. Through the online and correspondence courses it offers, it serves over 18,000 students at a time. The Learning Coach works with the ILC to register clients for courses and to monitor and help them with their work. All the courses offered by ILC are listed in their online catalogue. You can easily check this catalogue to plan your course selections.

ILC's credit and non-credit courses and educational services enable students to earn a high school diploma or equivalent, upgrade their skills, and achieve their academic and career goals.


What are the services provided by the Independent Learning Centre?

GED® stands for General Education Development. The GED® is a program for adults who left high school without a diploma. Those who successfully complete the GED® program receive a High School Equivalency Certificate that is recognized throughout Canada and the United States. The GED® certificate shows others that you have the potential of a high school graduate and the educational skills to succeed in areas of further training and/or study.